guide1 [ gaıd ] noun count ***
▸ 1 someone who shows you place
▸ 2 someone giving advice
▸ 3 book
▸ 4 for making judgment
▸ 5 for finding place/amount
1. ) someone whose job is to take care of a group of people who are visiting a place and give them information about it:
Your guide will explain what the different machines were used for.
tour guide: There is a tour guide on every bus.
a ) someone who shows you which direction to walk or travel in, especially as their job:
mountain guide: She's working as a mountain guide in the Swiss Alps.
2. ) someone who helps you to decide what to do by giving you advice or by giving you a good example to follow:
She was his guide and his inspiration.
3. ) a book about a city, country, or area:
They publish a range of city guides.
The Complete Guide to Norway
travel guide: It is worth buying a good travel guide.
a ) a book about a particular subject or type of activity:
Get the booklet Income Tax: A Guide for Married Couples.
step-by-step guide: See our step-by-step guide on page 17.
guide to: a comprehensive guide to the new simplified divorce procedure
I bought a copy of A Beginner's Guide to Flower Arranging.
pocket guide: Lots of publishers produce pocket guides for various hobbies.
4. ) something that helps you to make a judgment about something:
guide to/as to: This will give you a guide as to how much you should weigh.
good/reliable guide: A plant's leaves are a good guide to its health.
rough guide: Opinion polls only serve as a rough guide to how people really vote.
5. ) a piece of equipment that helps you find the correct place or amount for something:
a cutting guide
This chart can act as a quick reference guide.
use something as a guide: Draw up the plan using this pencil outline as a guide.
guide 2 [ gaıd ] verb transitive **
1. ) to show someone which direction they should walk or travel in by going with them:
guide someone through/to/along etc. something: He guided them through the forest.
Carol will guide you around the museum.
guided tour/walk: tourists on a guided walk around the French Quarter
a ) to physically help someone to move in a particular direction:
guide someone to/along etc. something: Lucy took the old man's arm and gently guided him to his chair.
b ) to carefully move a vehicle or other moving object so that it goes where you want it to go:
guide something toward/into etc. something: Slowly he guided the boat toward the dock.
c ) if a light, signal, etc. guides someone or something, it shows them where to go:
We had only the stars to guide us.
The airplanes are guided in by radio beacons.
2. ) to help someone to make decisions or judgments about something:
There was no market research to guide them.
His entire life was guided by his religious beliefs.
guiding principle (=a very important belief that influences your decisions): You must have some guiding principles for the way you run your business.
a ) to help someone to do something by giving them advice at different stages:
guide someone through something: We can guide you through the maze of financial planning.
guide someone in something: Students should be carefully guided in their reading.
3. ) to try to make a situation or an organization develop in a particular way:
a code that attempts to guide the conduct of lawyers
guide something toward something: Harry tried to guide the discussion toward some form of compromise.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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